An Insider’s Guide to the Best Beaches in Europe

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Europe has some of the world's most beautiful beaches to explore. And you'll find everything there, from a classic beach town with a laid-back vibe or an island paradise with vibrant nightlife.

If you have a vacation coming up, there's no better way to spend it than a sunny getaway at one of the best beaches in Europe.

Since the choices are plenty, selecting one destination can be overwhelming. Hence, we've shortlisted some of the most idyllic destinations.

Most of the places in our guide are suitable for family vacations, romantic getaways, and not to mention, solo trips as well.

Ready to Escape to Europe's Best Beaches? Check Our 8 Picks

Here's our recommendation for the top eight spectacular beaches in Europe for your next beach trip.

Get ready to while away the hours in the sunshine, and make sure you pack your sunscreen—your perfect summer vacation awaits.

Porto Santo in Madeira Island, Portugal

Porto Santo in Madeira Island

The golden sand beach is a stunning paradise with its breathtaking sunset. The two characteristics of Porto Santo are the long stretch of fine sandy beach and the turquoise water of the Atlantic Ocean.

It's located on Madeira Island , which has been voted the most beautiful island worldwide for the last few years.

Access to the beach area is free, but you need to rent sunbeds and umbrellas. With plenty of restaurants, bars, and hotels nearby, you won't have to travel far for a tasty meal or a refreshing cocktail.

For golf lovers, the Golf of Porto Santo is a must-visit. It's one of the most beautiful golf courses noted for its unparalleled beauty and challenging terrain. You're sure to be impressed if you want to venture out for a quick game.

Elafonissi in Crete, Greece

Elafonissi in Crete Best Beaches in Europe

Elafonissi beach in Greece is one of the few pink sand beaches in the world. The deep blue waters, breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, and stunning pink shoreline all create a magical experience.

Wild nature lovers will love the abundance of rare plants and animals that make their home on the beach.

While enjoying the sun and sand, you can spot junipers, sea daffodils, and loggerhead sea turtles.

Despite the lack of hotels in the area, you can still find many cafes, bars, and markets that provide an excellent atmosphere for exploring the area. The beach also includes lounge chairs and sunbeds for rent, so you can relax comfortably.

If you're looking for a breathtaking and memorable beach experience, Elafonissi beach in Greece is the perfect destination.

Bolonia in Tarifa, Spain

Bolonia in Tarifa Best Beaches in Europe

If you're looking for an idyllic beach retreat, look no further than Bolonia, the dreamy beach in Tarifa, Cadiz province of Spain.

From the fine white sand to the crystal clear waters, it's no surprise Bolonia is one of the top beach destinations in the area.

But there’s more to enjoy than just the sand and sea. Spend your days exploring the sand dunes, discovering the historical monuments, or taking a dip in one of the natural pools created with seawater.

On clear days, you can even catch a glimpse of the coast of Africa! With its serene atmosphere and lack of crowds, Bolonia is the perfect spot for those seeking a tranquil escape.

Cala Dei Gabbiani in Sardinia, Italy

Cala Dei Gabbiani in Sardinia

La Sorgente Beach Portoferraio, which connects with the very popular Sansone Beach, is one of the famous wild beaches. The tiny secret and quiet beach is accessible by boat only.

Because of its remote location, this beach isn't safe for family vacations with children. You won't find any hotel upstream of the beach, so keep that in mind when planning the itinerary.

But there are some other secret beaches in Italy too, and Cala Dei Gabbiani is one of them. Limestone cliffs, turquoise blue water, bright sunshine, pebbles, fine sand, and various fishes in the water are the main attractions of this beach.

Porto Katsiki in Lefkada, Greece

Porto Katsiki in Lefkada

Once only goats could access Porto Katsiki because no other animals could cross the steep rocks surrounding the area. For this reason, another name for this beach is "Goat Beach."

However, it's now accessible by car and boat and offers ample free parking, making it an ideal destination for those who want to explore or relax.

A stunning array of vertical cliffs on the beach's west coast are covered with a lush pine forest, creating a soothing backdrop for the deep blue waters and white sand shoreline.

The big waves that meet the shore will captivate you, and the picturesque pebbles will lull you into a sense of peace and tranquility. 

If you're in the mood for a snack, several beach bars offer fast food and soft drinks while you take in the breathtaking views of the Ionian sea and pine trees.

With its stunning landscape and calming atmosphere, Porto Katski is undoubtedly a unique experience not to be missed.

Hel Beach in Hel Peninsula, Poland

Hel Beach in Hel Peninsula

The city of Hel Peninsula in Poland is considered a paradise city on earth, and Hel beach is the heavenly beach. Many nearby fisherman villages have beautiful sandy beaches and cycling paths.

The soft sand coastline, bright blue waters, and beautiful forests are the key aspects of this wild beach. Generally, most areas of Hel beach are empty and away from crowds.

Many nearby small fresh fish restaurants, eateries, and wildlife parks exist. However, there are no hotels near the free-access beach areas.

Monolia Beach on Lichadonisia Island, Greece

Monolia Beach on Lichadonisia Island

This is one of the most secluded beaches on the north coast of the Lichadonisia Archipelago. It's a perfect spot for summer holidays, offering a package combining turquoise waters, pine forests, and breathtaking nature.

Monolia is a pebble beach because of being a complex island of volcanic and rock formations. It contains many well-organized beach bars offering drinks and fast food. There are many hotels nearby, and some of them provide boat trips to explore the sea.

Ölüdeniz Beach in Fethiye, Turkey

Ölüdeniz Beach in Fethiye

The beautiful beach is one of the best in the Mugla province in Turkey. The calm blue sea, wide bay, and surrounding forests have made the place a sight to behold. This beach is ideal for water sports, including scuba diving and snorkeling.

Ölüdeniz Beach is a nature reserve, so you won't see many modern infrastructures surrounding the area. However, amenities such as eateries, fresh fish markets, restrooms, and showers are available.


There's no shortage of unique beach destinations in Europe, but the ones listed here are perhaps the best. Each of these famous beaches offers something special and unforgettable.

Whether you're looking for summer sun, a romantic getaway, or an adventure-filled holiday, Europe has something for everyone. 

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