Paradise Found: Discover the Best Beaches in Greece

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Are you looking for a Mediterranean paradise to escape to? Look no further than Greece, home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world.

From secluded, serene coves to lively beachfront towns, the country offers various stunning beaches to explore and enjoy.

Whether you're looking to bask in the sun, frolic in the surf, or soak up the stunning view, you won't be disappointed with the best beaches in Greece.

Sand beaches are pretty standard there, but there are some pebbly shores with breathtaking beauty.

Get ready to fill up your itinerary with the best of the Mediterranean.

The Best Beaches in Greece You Should Explore Next

Read on to find out more about the best beaches in Greece, and start planning your perfect getaway today. These eight wonderful beaches are perfect for traveling with your family and partners.

1. Elafonissi Beach, Crete

Elafonissi Beach in Greece

Address: Kissamos 730 01, Greece

Among all the most famous beaches in Crete, the natural beauty of Elafonissi beach fascinates tourists the most. It will welcome you with a distant mountain view in the background of shallow waters and mesmerizing pink sand on the shore.

The beach is located in the southmost corner of Crete, which makes the area ideal for enjoying the sunset. It's a family-friendly spot, but you can still enjoy a fun party and romantic getaway.

Be aware that there is no hotel near Elafonissi Island. But many eateries, changing cabins with showers, washrooms, umbrellas, and lounge chairs are available.

2. Balos, Crete

Balos best beaches in Greece

Address: Balos Beach, Greece

If you love secluded beaches and something less crowded than Elafonissi beach, Balos should be your destination.

Located on the north coast of Crete Island, it has an unmistakable Caribbean vibe because of the iridescent turquoise sea and snow-white sands.

There is an uninhabited island called Gramvoussa right beside the beach. But if you want to stay on the beach, there are plenty of umbrellas and lounge chairs to rent. And you can taste some authentic Greek cuisine in the few restaurants available there.

It looks and feels nothing short of a secluded paradise beach. However, solo traveling could be challenging, so you better tag along with others or a tour group.

3. Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach

Address: Myrtosh Beach, Greece

The beach's beautiful landscape and secluded environment offer the ideal setting for enjoying spectacular sunsets over the water. It contains a long semicircular shoreline adorned with small pebbles and white sand.

Located on Kefalonia island, the beach is caught amongst two steep hills. Going there requires driving through a narrow winding road, and you won't be bored for a minute because of the fascinating sea views.

The precinct has standard facilities, including restrooms, eateries, parasols, and sun beds. There are also many luxurious beach hotels close to the sea.

4. Porto Katsiki, Lefkada

Porto Katsiki

Address: Porto Katsiki, Greece

Humongous cliffs and azure waters are the key aspects that make Porto Katsiki one of the most beautiful beaches. You can reach this sandy beach by crossing 80 steps of the staircase or taking a taxi boat.

Located on the southwest edge of Lefkada, Ionian island, the beach contains ample space for sunbathing and a long shoreline. However, Lefkada island has a higher rocky terrain.

Moreover, visitors can swim and sail into the sea when the water is calm, and the wind is gentle. You can rent parasols and lounge chairs, and some snack bars offer refreshments.

The spot can be packed in peak seasons but be careful with kids since there's no lifeguard.

5. Koukounaries, Skiathos

Koukounaries beach in Greece

Address: Skiathos 370 02, Greece

This one is known for its cleanliness, deep turquoise waters, and endless pine trees among all popular beaches in Greece. It has magnificent sand, which is rare in the Greek Islands.

The protected nature reserve is located southwest of Skiathos Island. Visitors can rent umbrellas, chairs, and even beachfront accommodations with swimming pools.

You can check a beach bar or traditional tavern for the finest and most flavorsome snacks compared to other Greek beaches. However, if you select Koukounaries for your next trip, prepare to deal with crowds.

6. Plaka, Naxos

Plaka best beaches in Greece

Address: Plaka beach, Naxos 843 00, Greece

Plaka has one of the longest sea beaches on the Greek islands. The long fine white sand, smooth pebbles, and turquoise waters make it stand out.

It's one of the most blissful beaches for relaxation due to its undeveloped natural beauty. However, it gets filled with visitors mainly in the summertime for sunbathing.

Like other sandy beaches, you can find sunbeds and parasols for rent. Many beach clubs, hotels, and cafes are also behind the sand dunes.

7. Bataria, Corfu

Bataria best beaches in Greece

Address: Kassiopi, Greece

The beach is a luxurious and secluded cove hidden on the island of Corfu. The pebbly shores of Bataria Beach lead to crystal-clear emerald waters.

If you visit here, you can't help but admire the gaze-worthy beauty of the distant Albanian mountains and the Ionian Sea.

This is another Greek beach to enjoy your family vacation with children. The calm, clean, and shallow waters make it perfect for swimming during a summer family trip. You can also rent sunbeds and parasols to rest and relax.

There are some traditional Greek tavernas where you can find delicious snacks, refreshments, and sandwiches. If you want to stay, nearby hotels with sea views are available.

8. Golden Beach, Thassos

Golden Beach

Address: Thasos 640 04, Greece

The fine golden sand makes it one of the stunning beaches in Thassos. The beach is ideal if you like wind riding or surfing in waves.

The place offers plenty of activities. You can hang out at the resorts, swim in the sea, and wander on hillsides amid pine and olive trees.

From the beach, you can enjoy the Aegean Sea view as Thassos is on the east coast of the sea. Although it's a tiny Island, you can still enjoy many traditional and fun attractions in the villages and towns.


Greece has it all when it comes to beach destinations. There are so many gorgeous spots that it's hard to pick just one. So, we've narrowed it down to the eight best beaches in Greece for your convenience.

Each place is perfect for an idyllic getaway or an unforgettable beach vacation. When traveling with your family, choose a blue flag beach, as it has restrooms, changing cabins, and food facilities.

So why wait? Pack your bags and start planning your next trip to Greece!

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