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If swimming in the Aegean sea, sipping cocktails at beach bars, and kite surfing for hours sounds like your kind of beach holiday, you definitely want to add Santorini Island to your travel bucket list.

While there are plenty of beautiful Santorini beaches to choose from, Instagrammers have been raving about one in particular: the pink sand beaches in Santorini!

Are the Beaches in Santorini Really Pink?

Contrary to popular belief (and Instagram), there aren't any pink beaches in Santorini. The Island's beaches are primarily made up of black and red volcanic sand, although some have a rosy appearance due to the surrounding volcanic rocks.

Myrtos Beach is famous for its pink sand, but it is located further away on Kefalonia Island or Elafonissi Beach in Crete. Vlychada beach is the only Santorini beach that has a pink hue, although it's not as brightly colored as you may think.

Only a handful of beaches have the pink, pebbly sand you are looking for. You'll find pink sand beaches on Harbour Island in the Bahamas, Spiaggia Rosa on Budelli Island, and Kakolem Beach in Maui.

However, there are a few famous beaches with a pinkish hue in Santorini and Greece that might give you the pinkish tinge you are looking for.

Beaches in Santorini Really Pink

Best Santorini Beaches For Spotting Pink Sand

The nearest thing to a pink sand beach you'll find on Santorini is Vlychada Beach on the southeastern coast of the Island. The sand has a pinkish tinge due to the erosion of red and white volcanic rocks.

It's one of the more quiet beaches on the Island and relatively secluded, so you'll need to bring your own umbrellas and sun loungers. There are a few eateries where you can grab a bite as well.

It's worth noting that the beach doesn't resemble the bright pink sand you see on Instagram; if you plan to visit Santorini to recreate your favorite snap, you may need to do some island hopping.

Elafonissi, or Balos Lagoon Beach in Crete, is the most famous beach on the Greek islands precisely because of its pink sand. (It's sometimes called the Red Beach).

The best beach can be found on the western side of the Island, close to Akrotiri village near the Akrotiri archaeological site. It's not an organized beach, so come prepared.

What makes the Beach in Santorini Pink?

What makes the Beach in Santorini Pink

The sand gets a pinkish hue from the red volcanic pebbles that mix with sand from the limestone cliffs nearby. Falling rocks and black pebbles have eroded steadily, mixing the red and white sand to create a pink hue.

The appearance of the sand can vary depending on the weather and even the time of day.

Where Are The Pink Sand Santorini Beaches

Vlychada is located on the south coast of Santorini island, near a small village. It can be hard to reach because you can't access it via car. The beach is located within walking distance, about 10 minutes from the main road down a hill.

What Are Some of the Best Beaches in Santorini?

Some Best Beaches in Santorini

You'll be hard-pressed to find better beaches than Santorini's beaches! While it's a small island with few hotels, there is plenty to enjoy. Ferries run daily from the small port, and Santorini airport gives you access to the rest of the world. Here are a few beaches to consider:

  • Koloumbo beach: Koloumbo is a black sand beach with crystal clear water that teems with wildlife. It's secluded and a great beach for travelers that want peace and quiet. There are also natural hot springs you can enjoy.

  • Eros Beach: Eros beach is the most romantic beach in Santorini and a popular spot for taking wedding photos! It's named after the God of Love, after all. It's only accessible via boat.

  • Monolithos beach: Monolithos beach is known for its black sand and traditional village. It's very quiet, with a few taverns and restaurants to enjoy.

  • Katharos beach: This is the best Santorini beach for enjoying sunsets, thanks to its imposing volcanic cliffs and beautiful white beach.

  • Perivolos beach: Perivolos in the South is perfect for swimming or renting a jet ski. It's often compared to Perissa beach.

  • Vourvoulos beach: While this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, it's very hard to reach, so you are guaranteed peace and quiet.

  • Caldera beach: One of the few beaches you can reach by car, this beach guarantees beautiful views over the villages of Oia and Finikia and Thirasia island.

  • Perissa beach: Perissa beach is well-developed, with a popular beach resort with a swimming pool and amenities to enjoy. This family-friendly beach is packed with tourists, beach umbrellas, and taverns for you to enjoy.

While you may be disappointed to learn that Santorini isn't known for its pink beaches after all, you can still find plenty of beautiful spots throughout the Island to enjoy!

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