A Comprehensive Guide To Cyprus: Which Side Of Cyprus Is Better To Visit

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Have you ever found yourself wondering which side of the idyllic island of Cyprus to explore?

Divided into two distinct regions, each with its unique charm and cultural tapestry, the question of Which Side Of Cyprus Is Better To Visit is not just common but also laden with personal preferences and desired experiences.

Whether you're drawn to ancient ruins, pristine beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, or vibrant nightlife, Cyprus promises something for every traveler.

Let us guide you through the highlights of both regions, helping you determine your ideal Cypriot adventure.

Ready to make an informed choice for your next trip? Keep reading and let the beauty of Cyprus unfold before you.

At A Glance - Which Side Of Cyprus Is Better To Visit

It is considered one of the ideal tourist spots to visit and is blessed with abundant natural beauty. Great beaches, friendly people, and splendid beer of South Cyprus captivate the attention of tourists.

In contrast, the natural landscapes, ancient sites, and high-quality olive oil are the specialties of North Cyprus.

You must head to the south for typical beach vacations, but consider the northern region for off-season holidays.

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In addition, it has incredible nightlife with clubs that attract thousands of tourists every year from all over the world. North Cyprus is relatively cheaper due to the high value of the Turkish Lira.

What Is The Best Month To Go To Cyprus?

Cyprus, the third largest Mediterranean island, is the perfect vacation getaway. The best time to visit Cyprus is between June and October, preferably in August.

Best Month To Go To Cyprus

The climate of Cyprus during these months is perfect for holidays. During this period, the climate of Cyprus is mild, with average temperatures of around 25°C, ideal for enjoying the sun on the beach or by the pool.

It is warm, sunny, and dry. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean climate that you may find in Cyprus.

January signifies the coldest month in Cyprus. Usually, the temperature stays around 5-7 Celsius.

Which Side of Cyprus Is Warmest?

Cyprus Warmest

The island's geographical location primarily determines the climate of Cyprus. The southern side of the island is warmer than the northern side. It’s just because there is more sun exposure and less wind in the south.

Thus, the Turkish side is warmer than the Greek side. The southern part of Cyprus is almost 11 degrees Celsius warmer than the north.

Mediterranean climate, hot summers, and cool winters encompass South Cyprus. North Cyprus experiences cold, snowy winters and hot, humid summers on the Greek side.

Should I visit North or South Cyprus?

visit CYprus

If you want to visit the most popular tourist destinations, south Cyprus is the best choice for you. This country is an excellent place for those searching for the sea, sand, and sun.

It has lots of beaches with crystal-clear water and soft sand. However, North Cyprus is a perfect place to visit when you are interested in exploring the culture and history of this region.

The north side of Cyprus also has some great beaches, but it doesn’t have as many tourist attractions as the south of Cyprus. Moreover, the country has a diverse culture and history.

North Cyprus is your go-to place if you are keen on visiting historical sites and looking for some adventurous spots with lots of activities.

But if you want to explore both sides of this island, we recommend going south first. North Cyprus will bore you unless you're interested in knowing specific facts and history about this country.

Places to visit in Northern Cyprus 

Bellapais Monastery

The Northern Cyprus coast is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sun and the sea.

With a clean, sandy beach and turquoise waters, it's a great place to spend a holiday. There are various places to visit, from ancient sites to breathtaking scenery.

The weather is warm in winter (usually around 20-21 degrees Celsius) and sunny in summer (usually around 30-31 Celsius).

The coastline is dotted with small villages and hamlets, which make for a beautiful drive. The capital city of North Cyprus, Famagusta, is home to many beautiful churches and mosques.

There are many other worth-visiting places too, including:

  • Butterflies Kyrenia Castle
  • Kyrenia Botanical Garden
  • Salamis City
  • Turtle Beach
  • Bellapais Monastery

Places to Visit in Southern Cyprus

Kourion Which Side Of Cyprus Is Better To Visit

You can visit the ancient sites of Paphos and Nicosia on Cyprus’ southern coast. These are Cyprus's most popular tourist destinations, with beautiful beaches and archaeological sites.

You can also enjoy the sunshine and clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea at Paphos Bay. If you want to take a more adventurous trip, you can visit the ancient sites of Kourion and Limassol.

Kourion is home to an archaeological museum with artifacts from various periods, including a Phoenician temple and Roman mosaic floors.

Limassol, the second largest city in Cyprus, is famous for its sculpture park. Likewise, you can also visit the archaeological site of Amathous, located in the center of Cyprus, which was once home to ancient sites with an acropolis, theater, gymnasium, and temples.

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Brief Wrap-up Which Side Of Cyprus Is Better To Visit

Cyprus is a beautiful country with a long history and amazing people. If you’re looking for a place to visit, it’s best to go to the southern part of the island since it has a more laid-back feel.

However, if you have an adventurous spirit, the best place to visit in Cyprus is the northern part of the island.

There are several beautiful beaches, and the water is warmer, but there are fewer tourists than in the south. The south is more developed and has more infrastructure.

It explicitly signifies that the north is more pristine and has untouched areas of Cyprus. The Karpas Peninsula is the most attractive place in Cyprus, having several beaches and rugged hills.

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