What Is Cyprus Famous For?

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The home of the king Cinyras, the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, the fairytales for many Greeks, Doxy and whatnot, this beautiful island named Cyprus keeps inside its beauty.

From fascinating culture, food, and traditions to be the home for digital nomads and the third largest island in the Mediterranean, this country has surely come a long way to become what it is today.

Not only do Cypriots love their country from the core, but a considerable part of the globe is crazy about this beautiful island.

Whether it's its mineral wealth, superb wines, stellar climate, or scenic destinations, everything in this country is made for love and adoration.

Let’s take a look at its culture, cuisine, and top destinations to figure out why you should pay a visit.

Where Is Cyprus Located?

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This beautiful country is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, usually known as the Republic of Cyprus.

Although it has cultural ties to Southeast Europe, it is frequently geopolitically positioned in Western Asia. Cyprus doesn’t share its boundaries with any country as it’s an island.

It is situated east of the island of Crete, north of the Sinai Peninsula, west of Syria, and south of the Turkish coast.

The capital city of Cyprus is Nicosia, which is also its biggest city. It is the third-largest in the Mediterranean Sea and 80th largest island globally, with only a million or so residents.

How is The Climate of Cyprus?

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Cyprus's tropical climate straddles the sub-arid and Mediterranean climatic zones.

The winters are often windy, chilly, and clear, and the summers are mild to hot. It enjoys pleasant weather all year long. You will not experience continuous rain unless you visit from November to March.

January and February are considered the coldest months, with an average temperature of 16-18 degrees Celsius.

However, you will receive at least 5-6 hours of sunshine each day, so it will not be that extremely frigid kind of condition. However, winter in Cyprus starts in December and ends in March.

If you're a snowfall lover, you should pay a visit to Troodos Mountain and Mount Olympus.

Correspondingly, with an average of 12 hours of sunshine per day or more, Cyprus is also among the hottest locations in the whole Mediterranean throughout the summer.

Greek History: How Did Cyprus Come Into Existence?

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The great powers of that era, including the Egyptian, Assyrian, and Persian empires, ultimately caused ‘Alexander the Great’ to take control of this lovely island in 333 BC.

Later, from 1571 to 1878, this island was governed by the Lusignan dynasty, the Classical and Eastern Roman Empire, Ancient Egypt, and the Arab Caliphates (for a short time).

Time passes, and soon Cyprus will be the scene of a catastrophic dispute between the minority Turkish Cypriots and the majority Greek Cypriots.

Cyprus formed the Republic of Cyprus in 1960 after a prolonged conflict between the two main ethnic communities and a spike in inter-communal violence.

Turkish soldiers stormed the island in 1974, resulting in an actual partition of the country, though one that was not recognized internationally and established another state for Turkish Cypriots in 1975.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the name of the independent Turkish Cypriot state that declared a unilateral declaration of autonomy in 1983. 

The Cultural Life of Cyprus Island

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Cyprus is widely recognized for its beautiful and rich culture, which has captivated the globe for more than a millennium.

Actually, the Greek and Turkish populations' cultural lives are split in the same way that their lands are divided.

Since 1974, the Turkish minority in Cyprus has strived more than ever to develop its own Islamic and Turkish cultures, in contrast to the southern Greek Cypriots, who speak a variant of Greek and have a close link with continental Greeks.

But despite all the tragic historical conflicts between these two ethnic groups, the younger generation in Cyprus is enjoying peace and prosperity while warmly embracing global trends in fashion, entertainment, folk art, and handicrafts.


Greek and Turkish are the two official languages of the Republic of Cyprus. The Greek Cypriots speak Greek, whereas the Turkish Cypriots speak Cypriot Turkish.

However, standard modern Turkish and Greek are used for official and government purposes.


The Orthodox Christians (dominantly followed) make up around 89.1% of the population of the Republic of Cyprus. Islam occupies the 2nd largest population in Cyprus, making up 25% of the total population.

There are also adherents of other religions on this lovely island, like Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Maronites, and Angelica.

Folk Art

Cypriots are immensely creative and talented. You can find them engaged in embroidery, artistic metal work, pottery, basket weaving, chair making, wood carving, and whatnot to blow your mind away.

In Cyprus, there are exclusive centers (cities) for folk arts. For instance, Paphos is famous for textiles, embroidery, and weaving, whereas Keryenia’s individuals love crafting potteries.

Traditional & Extremely Famous Cypriot Cuisines

Cypriots are not only very creative but also relatively healthy due to their Mediterranean diet. As a result, they have quite a long life expectancy. They adore eating seafood, lamb, hog, and rabbit meat.

Cyprus's cuisine is a mash-up of Turkish, Greek, and Italian flavors. Therefore, they are incredibly delicious and worth trying. Check out some traditional Cyprus food that is awaiting you across the sea:


The rich ingredients and flavorful combination of white beans and vegetables make Fasolada a trendy and well-known national dish of Cyprus.

To make this delicacy even more appetizing and a hallmark of the Mediterranean diet, it is served and cooked with heaps of olive oil.


Visiting Cyprus and a fan of barbecued meat? Then, do not forget to eat the delicious souvlaki (barbecued meat) at any local fast-food restaurant.

They are highly scrumptious due to chunks of spices. They are usually served with pita bread, yogurt, and fried potatoes.


Another popular dish among Cypriots is moussaka, which is made with cheese, meat, spices, and eggplants.

Thanks to the green vegetables, it tastes like lasagna and is quite healthy, making this dish incredibly soothing and delicious.

Top Ten Must-visit Destinations in Cyprus for Vacations

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Cyprus is the birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite; how can one claim that it's not beautiful?

With its stunning beaches, lofty mountains, charming villages, verdant woodlands, vast plains, and well-known archaeological sites, Cyprus always impacts everyone visiting its beautiful land of beautiful people.

Let's take a closer look at some of the best destinations on this exquisite Mediterranean island:

Ancient Kourion

When visiting Cyprus, Kourion should be at the top of your bucket list if you have a passion for ancient history and culture.

It mostly has traditional Byzantine and Roman ruins, which is why it draws many tourists daily to admire its breathtaking splendor.

Additionally, it has early Christian remains at the Eustolios complex and in the form of an early Christian basilica. Thus, a vast number of Christian communities love to stay in this city of Cyprus.

On top of that, Kourion, the historic site close to Limassol, is also part of UNESCO's world heritage to better inform the world about ancient civilizations.

It would also be fascinating to note that this ancient city was named after the Kouris river that used to flow here around 5.500 - 4.000 BC (damn old).

Kourian has many amazing sights, including the House of Eustolious, Agios Ermogenis, Kourion Ancient Amphitheater, Casa Di Achille, Basilica Paleocristiana, and Curium Equestrian Center.

If you want to appreciate the vintage beauty of ruins truly, make sure to visit these stunning locations. Without a doubt, the best place to experience, adore, and take in the archaeological sites is Ancient Kourion.


The capital and biggest city of Cyprus, Nicosia, is undoubtedly an impressive place to visit. It's also the world's last divided city between Greek and Turkish.

Just like other cities in Cyprus, Nicosia also has loads of beautiful sights to pay a visit to – all you have to do is to grab your passport and book a flight to this beautiful capital.

You can take great pleasure in going to Shacolas Tower to see a detailed overview of North Nicosia, including the mountains that are actually miles away, Ledra Street for shopping, which is especially well-known for its history, and the Green Line (near Ledra Street) to get a visible memento of the political and social context on the island.

Furthermore, Nicosia also has some great museums, including the Cyprus Museum, the biggest and oldest archaeological museum on this lovely island.

Its impressive collection illustrates the complex and essential role that this little nation has played throughout European history.

Kathikas Village

One of Cyprus' most picturesque villages, Kathikas, is located on the Laona Plateau in the Paphos region.

Given that its boundary is within it, it also acts as the entry to Akamas Peninsula National Park, Cyprus' most extensive park and another desirable destination.

Kathikas village's houses are lovely and mostly made of stones and brown wood, adding more splendor to its amazing atmosphere.

These houses are now mostly available for rent to tourists who love the village's vibes.

On top of that, Katikhas is also known for the popular donkey rides and farm visits that many tourists love to do.

The village is tranquil, making it ideal for outdoor activities like hiking on the local trails, etc. It also gives you quick access to some of Cyprus' best beaches, including Coral Bay, Polis, and Latchi.


Larnaca is a beautiful port city in Cyprus, known for its Finikoudes Beach, a sandy stretch of coastline bordered by a palm-lined beachfront walkway.

This city was built on the ruins of ancient Citium, where the Stoic philosopher Zeno was born.

It's the number one vacation spot for those who love beaches and enjoy spending the day in one location rather than exploring the whole city.

There are many incredible places to see, enjoy, and explore in Larnaca. A trip to Cyprus would be incomplete without exploring this beach city.

You can enjoy applauding the stunning Agios Lazaros Church, diving in the Zenobia Wreck, relaxing on the lovely beaches of Larnaca, seeing the amazing architecture of the Larnaca Fort, exploring the Stavrovouni Monastery, hiking the Cape Greco trails, swimming in the salt lake, and every beyond amazing sightseeing to make your holidays unforgettable.


This mountainous village is located on the south slopes of the Troodos Mountains and is also recognized as one of the wine villages of Cyprus. It is encircled by lush flora and offers multiple incredible natural vistas.

The waterfalls of Kalidonia (the village's true charm) and Myllomeris, among the greatest in Cyprus, are located there, along with lovely hiking routes.

Additionally, this vicinity has numerous botanical gardens, cycle lanes, beautifully constructed cathedrals, historic cobblestone alleys, and many other sights.

Platres also has some amusement parks, enchanting antique bridges, the Trooditissa Monastery, and churches that serve as architectural exhibits.

December is the ideal month to visit Platres if you want to save money because it's the least expensive.

However, the most expensive months for hotels and airfare will be May, August, and July, though you can save if you book in advance.


Paphos is also one of Cyprus's enchanting and beautiful cities, particularly famous for its rich culture, festivals, and historical interest. It's all about sandy beaches, scorching sun, and the bluish sea.

In addition to that, Paphos' nightlife is also rather alluring. It's a heady blend of breathtaking views, inventive beverages, and kitschy nightclubs.

You can indeed explore the most beautiful places in this city, just like the Mosaics of the House of Dionysus for glimpses of ancient Greek mythology, explore the ruins of the archeological sites of Paphos, which are highly enchanting for photography, and visit the tombs of kings that are forever on the top of touring lists, trip to the Sanctuary of goddess Aphrodite, and stroll on the beautiful and sandy beaches of Paphos with views of the Akamas Peninsula.

Temple of Aphrodite

Due to its religious significance, rich history, and exquisite construction, it is regarded as the island's first archaeological monument to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

This temple is a favorite among tourists worldwide and Cypriots because of the memories associated with the goddess Aphrodite. This historic temple was built in the third-century B.C. old town of Rhodes.

The temple is evident in the Rhodes Archaeological Museum in the Hellenistic style but is particularly small. It is also thought to have hosted an Aphrodite statue.

The Temple of Aphrodite is the perfect location to see a tranquil view of the past if you have a strong interest in historical artifacts and the marvels of former emperors.

Ayia Napa

It is hailed as the best town in all of Cyprus and is renowned for its sand beaches and a buzzing nightlife that draws couples getting hitched as well as families and intriguing partygoers. Its vibrant and iconic nightlife is legendary.

Right in the center of Napa, the main square and the Ayia Napa Promenade are crowded with eateries, pubs, and casinos.

If you’re not a nightlife lover, it’s not a big deal since Ayia Napa also has the best daytime activities.

A submarine, a leisurely day cruise, a party boat, or even a pirate ship are all options. The famous beach parties, the award-winning waterpark, the beaches, scuba, buggy riding, and jeep tours are among more daytime diversions.

On top of that, it’s not an unaffordable destination for visiting since it has loads of stay accommodations. You can find Ayia Napa a little expensive in the summer season because it’s usually fully crowded at that time.

Other than that, there are countless other beautiful sights to see, such as Cape Greco, the best vacation spot in Europe, Makronissos beaches perfect for diving and paddle boarding, Thalassa Museum for discovering rich culture away from the sun, gorgeous sea caves for snorkeling, the Sculpture Park for historic sites; and so on.

Karpas Peninsula

One of best prominent destinations in Cyprus having a finger-like Peninsula (pointing north-east) and wide geographical features.

You’ll mostly see roaming donkeys here. If time permits you, we recommend you should definitely visit this land of isolated beaches. 

Town of Rizokarpaso has the highest population rate in Karpas Peninsula (Panhandle), but the farthest extent of the city is Cape Apostolos Andreas.

Karpas is not only widely famous for its beautiful geographic location but for its delicious food as well. You can visit nearby restaurants to taste delicious food.

Apart from that, Golden Beach, Andreaskloster, Aphendrika, Church of the Holy Trinity, and Ayios Therissos church serve as the major vacationing destinations in the Karpas Peninsula.


The second biggest city in Cyprus, Limassol, is without a doubt the ideal place to spend a vacation because it is home to a party atmosphere, a ton of excellent taverns, stylish and refurbished old cafes, a stunning seafront, sandy beaches, ancient castles, and tombs.

It is, in fact, a fantastic option for those who wish to temper the beachfront fun with garlands of heritage because it is the closest location to visit Ancient Kourion, Cyprus' most well-known archaeological site.

On vacation, you can spend your day faffing on Limassol's beaches, taking in the sights of old town centers, touring the Kolossi castle, watching the sun set over Aphrodite's rock, or taking a road trip to see the churches in the Troodos Mountains, viewing the Akrotiri Peninsula, and winding through village carriageways.

In addition, Limassol is the ideal location for a wide range of sports, including swimming, boating, scuba diving, and pool parties.

Dine at the "Dinosysus Mansion," "Do Wine & Dine," and "Marina Breeze Lounge Bar" for a fantastic night out.

Alternatively, you might spend all night at stunning locations like Breeze Summer Club, Guaba Beach Bar, Columbia Beach, La Isla, Rumours Bar, Mason Bar, and Theama Venue.

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FAQs Related To What Is Cyprus Famous For

Is Cyprus Safe?

In general, it is safe to travel to Cyprus. The threat to safety is rather minimal, despite its geographic isolation from countries that practice violence.

Yes! Small crimes like theft, trespassing, burglary, etc., tend to peak during vacation periods.

Although the risks associated with travel, mugging, and natural disasters are minimal, you should take the necessary precautions against terrorism, thievery, and fraud because these crimes are frequently committed.

Is Cyprus Good for Shopping?

Cypriots enjoy shopping and making lovely goods for sale to tourists. You can buy anything you desire while visiting Cyprus that is of high quality, including video games, clothing, gizmos, books, housewares, appliances, cell phones, earthenware, food, organic beauty products, candles, rose liqueur, sweatshirts, metal items, and rose tea, among other things that will make your stay here delightful.

In the top shopping area, you may find locations like My Mall, The Mall of Cyprus, The Spice House, Aphrodite Jewelry, The Place, and so on.

Is Cyprus For Digital Nomads Only?

It is rated the most OK location for digital nomads because of its geographic location, economy, immigrants, culture, and easy-to-locate facilities.

Its taxation regime, ease of business setup, delicious food, and low cost of living all contribute to it being the top destination for them.

Some of Cyprus's top cities for millennials include Larnaca, Limassol, and Paphos, where they can enjoy picturesque surroundings and work more effectively.


Cyprus is a stunning island in the Mediterranean where you can live, love, enjoy, and explore its striking scenery, rich cultural history, Roman and Byzantine antiquities, and the dazzling past sparks of the goddess Aphrodite.

Visitors can find many breathtaking sights in Cyprus. Its towns, villages, beaches, and mountains make ideal vacation destinations.

Whether you're traveling alone or with a group of family members, Cyprus Island has something to offer you.

It is renowned for its historic castles, tombs, and vineyards and its wealthy civilizations. This article covers Cyprus' culture, cuisine, and the top 10 places to visit for the ideal vacation.

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