How to Pack Jewelry for Travel: Nine Fantastic Hacks and Tips

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Accessories are essential to complete many outfits, so we also need them when traveling. Yet, carrying them around in your luggage may cause tangling or disarray before you reach your destination.

We understand how annoying that can be, especially if it gets mixed up in your clothes. So, knowing how to pack jewelry for travel is a vital trick.

Once you pack your ornaments properly, you ensure that they remain unscathed at the same time. Plus, you’ll avoid the mess of having to untangle them in the end. Here are several helpful tips to achieve that.

Pick Out the Jewelry You Need

Pick Out the Jewelry You Need

The first thing to do is take only the items you’ll need later on. For example, consider which outfits you’ll wear and pick only the complementary pieces of jewelry. So, you would not need statement pieces for a beach or mountain cabin vacation.

In other words, that requires planning for places you might visit and events you may attend.

However, you must limit the number of jewelry you carry along. It is essential to pick a few accessories to go with your outfits instead of cluttering your luggage.

Ensure that you only take the necessary ones, especially if they are flashy. Thus, don’t carry the most attractive or expensive pieces just to show off.

That saves you from the fear of losing them, whether to thieves or during your transit.

The best types of jewelry to pick are a wristwatch, a few bracelets, neutral earrings, and rings and necklaces with small pendants. They dress up your outfits nicely, meaning you’ll quickly find a fitting setup for them.

Keep Track of All Your Jewelry

Keep Track of All Your Jewelry

Meanwhile, having no neutral pieces or designated travel jewelry is okay. Everyone has different tastes, and whether yours involves flashy accessories or not, you can still carry a reasonable number. Though there is a simple organizing step, you must add it to your to-do list.

It involves taking note of all such items you are packing for the trip.

The most straightforward way is to make a list so you do not forget anything and end up losing it. Also, taking a photo of each piece is a good idea.

That helps you keep track of them, especially if you have similar or identical ones. It can also serve as evidence in the event of a theft.

In addition, you must also check in your jewelry or register them at your lodge. Standard hotels, inns, or cottages have a policy that you let them know when you have such items on you.

That provides a form of insurance for you, especially if you would be leaving them behind when you go somewhere.

Wrap Each Piece Individually

Wrap Each Piece Individually

When organizing your jewelry, it is usually best to separate each one rather than lumping them in one container. Doing that may cause mix-ups or tangles, especially for necklaces and bracelets.

Ideally, every piece should be in its package or box, but we rarely do that because it takes more space than you have.

Thus, it outlines the need to get creative with the individual wrappings. Your ability to do that depends on the type of case you are using to pack, as it determines the shape and space available.

There are many tips and tricks online to guide you with ways to achieve that. However, it is usually different for the various accessory types.

That means some methods would work for necklaces or bracelets but not for rings or earrings. Keeping thin neckpieces in plastic straws ensures they do not tangle with others.

You can attach earrings and brooches to paper or styrofoam plates before packing. Some people also use carabiners for rings and bracelets.

Carry Them in a Hand Luggage

Carry Them in a Hand Luggage

Besides ensuring that your jewelry stays organized, their safety is also essential. No matter your transportation mode, it is best to keep the pieces in your carry-on bag. That way, you always have them on you and can account for their whereabouts.

Thus, putting accessories in a checked-in suitcase is not advisable.

The TSA even encourages travelers to keep jewelry on or in hand luggage. Most of them will not trigger a security alarm, and if they do, you have nothing to worry about because it is not prohibited. 

According to their website, you may ask the officer on duty to screen you and your valuables privately.

It is not that keeping your jewelry in the checked bag is bad, but some things could go wrong. For example, you will lose your accessories if your luggage gets lost or misplaced.

Also, look at the TSA list of prohibited items and find out if there are specifications for certain pieces before boarding a plane.

Make a DIY Organizer

Make a DIY Organizer

After ensuring your jewelry will not tangle in their wraps, you must consider the case or wrap materials to use.

What you eventually go for depends on your budget or available items. This DIY process is not intense, so you need not worry about the level of your craft-making skills.

There are organizers or holders you can make that may require more time than others. Still, most are simple, and you will end up with something beautiful and functional if you do it right.

It ranges from using a cut-up piece of lace to clip jewelry like brooches to a full-blown but quick craft process.

The vital thing here is to use items you have at home or ones you can easily obtain. They include sink mats, placemats, towels, fabric, and other craft materials like a sewing kit.

You can find some DIY tricks on home blogs or sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Pick the best one for your needs and roll with it.

Get a Jewelry Roll

Get a Jewelry Roll

The jewelry roll is a portable organizer that is perfect for travel. Various shapes and sizes exist, so you can find the one that would suit your specific needs. Some double as cosmetics and toiletry bags, but putting them together is not ideal.

The reason is to avoid spillage of things like toothpaste or shampoo onto your accessories.

If you do not already have one, you can buy it at affordable prices before your trip. These rolls fit perfectly in carry-on bags without any hassle. It also allows you to lay the accessories individually, with some plastic pockets and loops.

However, you must consider the size and the type of jewelry you want to pack.

They are usually compact and might not work for chunky or bulky pieces with many layers or attachments.

The jewelry roll may not offer any extra security for your valuables, so it may limit your ability to carry expensive ones.

Nonetheless, it works for a short trip where you do not need so much pop from accessorizing.

Use a Jewelry Box

Use a Jewelry Box

Most people may not consider jewelry boxes as the first option because of the prices. However, you can find affordable ones in the market as there are different brands and types.

Also, buying one is a worthy investment for keeping and carrying your precious items, providing the needed casing and security.

There are jewelry boxes for your home and those portable enough to pack jewelry for travel. You must consider the features so you do not buy something that will attract attention on your trip.

Instead, get one that can fit comfortably into your luggage. They usually make them from materials like wood, metal, or plastic.

The primary benefit of a jewelry box is that it can fit bulky accessories if necessary, so it is functional. The interior is usually padded, prevents scratches, and has a plush lining to keep things dry.

Ensure that you get excellent quality for the money you spend, but do not worry if buying one is not in your budget as there are alternatives.

Put Them in a Makeshift Case

Put Them in a Makeshift Case

Another great option is to use any ready-made container you have as a jewelry case. Though it is not as fun as making your own, it is just as functional, and you do not need to go far.

You can adopt various items at home for this purpose without any hassle. They include a pill case, Ziploc bags, and even your makeup bag.

One of the most popular ones is the old peppermint tin which works well. It can hold a reasonable number of regular-sized jewelry and is portable. However, it may not allow you to wrap each piece, especially necklaces, individually because of the limited space.

Hence, you can put them in small plastic or Ziploc bags to work around that.

On the other hand, using your daily pill case for packing your jewelry for travel is a genius idea. Depending on the type, it can have as many as seven to fourteen compartments.

So, each item has a space of its own, and you would not need to worry about mix-ups or tangling. 

Place the Jewelry in Bubble Wrap

Place the Jewelry in Bubble Wrap

You can place the jewelry in bubble wrap to keep them organized if there are no other means. These items are not so fragile to be breakable, but this material makes a great makeshift organizer.

However, you should take some precautions unless you want to find them in disarray later on. 

That is where wrapping each one comes into play. You can place the pieces in small plastic bags or Ziplocs before putting them in the bubble wrap.

Most of those who make or sell jewelry opt for this technique because of the benefits. It helps to protect the accessories from any impact during transit.

It is also a neat packaging hack, especially if you are mailing or shipping them via a courier service.

This tip also works if you are traveling a long distance and may not have control over your luggage. You will not have to bother much about handling because your jewelry is packed right.

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How to Pack Jewelry for Travel: Mistakes to Avoid

We've all been there: excitedly packing for a trip, only to find our favorite necklace tangled or a precious earring gone astray upon reaching our destination.

Knowing how to pack jewelry for travel isn't just about saving space; it's about preserving those pieces that often hold sentimental value.

So, before you toss your jewelry into your suitcase, let's talk about some common pitfalls and how to avoid them:

1. Tossing Everything Together: This is a fast track to knots and tangles. Always separate necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

2. Skipping the Travel Organizer: While it might seem like an unnecessary expense, a jewelry organizer or roll can be a game-changer, keeping your pieces neat and accessible.

3. Forgetting to Prioritize: Do you really need five statement necklaces for a weekend trip? Be selective. Bring versatile pieces that can transition from day to night.

4. Leaving Jewelry in Checked Luggage: Always keep your precious pieces in your carry-on. This way, the risk of loss or theft is minimized.

5. Ignoring Climate Factors: If you're heading to a beach destination, remember that saltwater can be harmful to certain metals and stones. Pack accordingly.

6. Overlooking Backup Fastenings: It's easy to lose the back of an earring. Always bring spares just in case.


Essentially, knowing how to pack jewelry for travel is vital to keep them organized and safe. Try not to carry too many accessories, especially the expensive ones, on your trip so you can easily keep track.

Also, ensure that you put them in your carry-on bags if you are flying and arrange them properly so nothing comes loose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to pack jewelry in checked baggage?

While the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) permits jewelry in checked baggage, they strongly recommend travelers to keep valuable jewelry items with them during transit.

The risk of airlines misplacing, damaging, or delaying luggage renders it unwise to place expensive jewelry pieces in checked suitcases.

Can I put gold jewelry in checked luggage on a domestic flight?

On most airlines, passengers are typically allowed to carry up to 500 grams of gold jewelry in their hand baggage without any special declarations or paperwork.

However, any quantity surpassing 500 grams should be declared and placed in checked luggage, which may be subject to additional charges according to the airline's policies.

Will my underwire bra set off airport security?

Yes, wearing an underwire bra is permissible.

Metal detectors at TSA checkpoints might be sensitive enough to detect the bra's underwire, possibly prompting a security agent to use a wand for additional screening.

Although not a significant issue, it can be a slightly uncomfortable situation, especially for male wearers.

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